Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I purchase some products from your website?

 Our MODE Deco products are exclusively retailed through Bunnings Warehouse. And so, only a few selected items are sold through our website.


Screws and Fixings

Our MODE products include screws and wall plugs for a quick and easy DIY installation.

Depending on where you’re installing your hook rack, you may require different fixings.

Hard Wall Mounting – Brick/Concrete:

  1. Drill pilot holes
  2. Clear hole
  3. Insert anchor into hole
  4. Use screws to secure hook rack

Wood Mounting:

  1. Drill pilot hole
  2. Clear hole
  3. Use screws to secure hook rack

Plaster Board/Dry Wall Mounting:

  1. Locate wood stud
  2. Drill pilot hole
  3. Clear hole
  4. Use screws to secure hook rack 

Do not mount into Plaster Board/Dry Wall without additional support.

If unsure, check in with a tradesperson for advice.


I have custom doors, will the Overdoor Hooks fit?

Our Overdoor Hooks fit doors up to 40mm thick.